Epica and Lacuna Coil Peform Epic Show at the Showbox

A few times a year a concert comes along that you just can’t wait for. Epica and Lacuna Coil was one of those shows for me. The fact that we were getting to see these bands co-headline on the same night was an incredible treat. I have seen Epica a few times before, but this would be my first Lacuna Coilshow.

Lacuna Coil from Italy would be the first of the two co-headliners to hit the stage and they hit it hard. They came out swinging with “Ultima Ratio” off their most recent critically acclaimed album DeliriumCristina Scabbia and Andrea Ferro were in full voice and just crushed it. The crowd erupted and the show was off to a great start. Through their 12 song set the energy was very high. This band performed as intensely as any I have ever seen. Being up close for the first three songs you could just feel the energy from the band and they left it all on the stage.  They tore through hits like “Spell Bound“, “Die & Rise“, “Trip The Darkness” and “Our Truth” and it was fantastic to watch.  With their stage outfits and make up, it was quite a spectacle. They finished the set with “House Of Shame” and the crowd had been thoroughly rocked into delirium. If you have not checked out Lacuna Coil and are a metal fan, please do. They have 8 fantastic albums they have released through their 23 year career. They are veterans of metal and you could see that throughout their performance.

Next up was Epica from the Netherlands. The are more symphonic metal with one of the best female lead singers in metal, Simone Simons. They also have growling male vocals provided by Epica founder Mark Jansen. They brought a 13 song set with them for this show. Epica released their latest EP The Solace System via Nuclear Blast Records on September 1, 2017. This 6 song EP contains songs that did not make it onto their last album, The Holographic Principal. The band felt these songs were too good to just release as bonus tracks and decided to release an EP instead.  Both the recent EP and their last LP and great albums that I highly recommend.

Epica opened with “Edge Of The Blade” off of The Holographic Principal. Once again the crowd was in a frenzy. The fans on this night were ready for more and Epica was happy to oblige. The crowd was really electric throughout the whole concert. Some of the big hits Epica performed on this night were “Unleashed“, “Cry For The Moon” and “The Essence Of Silence“. Simone was at her best with her beautiful, but powerful voice. She sings and performs so elegantly and effortlessly. She is a real treat to see perform live. She is someone who has mastered her craft and has obviously put in a lot of time doing it. The show came to a close with “Consign To Oblivion”. The crowd was exhausted, but had just seen once of the best shows to roll through Seattle this year.  Epica is band that has been around for 15 years and has 7 albums. With their experience, they know how to put on an awesome show! Another band I highly recommend if you have not listened to them before. You will be in for a real treat.

I really enjoy that so many great bands are doing a lot of co-headlining tours. Getting the opportunity to see two great bands on one night made it a very special evening. With both bands performing so flawlessly the crowd was able to just immerse into the show in front of them, resulting in a great time for everyone.

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