Delain Brings Down the House in Utrecht (Danse Macabre Tour) w/ Serenity & Cellar Darling

I was fortunate enough last year to see Delain’s 10th Anniversary show in person in Amsterdam. A part of me wondered if I would ever see a Delain show that great again. I mean they pulled out all the stops that night. A great stage set up, tons of confetti, lots of special guests and the whole show was an absolute treat. Would this be the best Delain show I would ever see? The answer is absolutely NO!

Fast forward a year to the Danse Macabre tour that only had six tour dates featuring Marco Hietala of Nightwish. The show I attended was in Utrecht, Netherlands which is the home town to a couple of the band members. On October 31st, 2017, the Tivolivredenburg was completely sold out and the show was recorded for a live release. You could feel the electricity in the air before they even opened the theater. Once they did there was a mad rush by everyone to secure their places. At first glance this theater is amazing. It has a huge stage, great sound system, but still manages to keep an intimate feel to it. The excitement continued to build, but we had two great opening bands to get though before the main event.

Cellar Darling opened the show with a quick seven song set, but really made an impression. Anna Murphy was very strong on vocals and playing the hurdy-gurdy. That is a stringed instrument that produces sounds through turning a hand cranked wheel. Needless to say I had never seen one, but it gave their music a unique quality. They ended up with a folk metal sound, great lead vocals and a lot of energy. They were fun to watch and enjoyable to listen to. Their first single was “Challenge” and their second single was “Black Moon” off their new album This Is The Sound. I recommend checking both singles out on You Tube. This is a band to definitely keep an eye on.

Serenity would be the next band up in the show that was already off to a great start. Serenity has six studio albums and are definitely veterans of the symphonic power metal genre. This would be my fist time seeing them live and they really blew me away. As musicians they are spot on, but the vocals of Georg Neuhauser were a true highlight. They also had a guest female singer for quite a few songs Tasha Koch. She really added to the show. They had just released their new album Lionheart which is a fantastic album. Serenity tore through an eight song set that had the crowd on fire by now. I hope they find a way to do a headline tour in the states next year as they would be a real treat to see again live.

As the crowd waited for Delain to appear, the roof was about to come off this place. It just had the feel of a special night all around. Having Marco there meant we were going to hear songs that Delain rarely has ever played live. That in itself makes it a special show, but to have Marco there who has been an integral part of Delain since the beginning was going to be awesome. Delain hit the stage to a thunderous roar of the crowd! The lighting for this show, the colorful back drops with video and the confetti were all there on this night. The sound was perfect, as was the atmosphere. The band opened with “Hand of Gold” and George Oosthoek was there to cover the growling vocals. Song number two also told you tonight would be different. The song was “We Are The Others” which is Delain’s signature song and almost always closes a show. Here it was as the second song of the set. Songs from Delain’s most recent album Moonbathers dominated the set early. They are still supporting this album, and in my opinion it is their best overall album to date.

Delain made us wait ten songs before we got what we had all been waiting for. The appearance of Marco. I thought the crowd has been completely out of control to this point, but when Marco appeared they turned it up another notch! With Marco now on vocals with Charlotte they hit the songs we were expecting. We were treated to “Your Body Is A Battleground“, “Nothing Left“, “Control The Storm” and an incredible version of “Sing To Me“. Marco departed and Delain ended up the set with a couple more songs. A four song encore awaited us as this magical ride did not want to end. The final two songs of the night being real highlights. Delain covered “Scandal“, which is a Queen song on their last album. It is great on the album, with Marco and Charlotte singing it live it was out of this world! The final song of the night was predictable, but an absolute classic. “The Gathering” was the final song that finally wore the crowd out for good. You can check out the complete set list here: FM Setlist Delain.

Now I am left to wonder again have I seen the best Delain show they will ever do? Something tells me NO again! In back to back years Delain has produce two such special shows I just know they have more up their sleeve for the future. I would gladly fly back to The Netherlands to see it again, it was that good. Some people think I am nuts for traveling all over the globe for shows, but the memories from these shows will last a lot longer then some trinket or piece of junk you buy in a store. I was honored to be there and to be a part of such an amazing show, with an incredible atmosphere. Lucky for me I get to see Delain two more times this month in Buenos Aires, Argentina!

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Review written by Eric Pefley.

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