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Silent Saga is a fantastic symphonic metal band from Hamburg, Germany. I have an extensive interview with lead singer Sabrina Todt coming up. Probably as a two-part interview since we talked for almost an hour. I am having some issues with the audio file, but I have a friend that is good with cleaning up audio files and is working on them. Look for these interviews to be posted soon.

In the mean time I wanted to review their first two EP’s, and talk about the third EP and their first album coming up. First a little history. They are not newcomers to symphonic metal. Sabrina Todt (vocals and flute) and Renato Angelo (keyboards, bass and guitar) had been living in Brazil and performing under the name Amazon. They opened for some of the best European acts in Brazil including Epica, Nightwish and Angra. They had to move back to Germany to take care of family and had to put music on hold. Now that they have had time to get back into music, they have added Alex Mancini (guitar) and Daniel Sapcu (drums) to round out their lineup. They also had to change their name from Amazon to Silent Saga due to the conflict of massive online retailer Amazon. There is a lot more to tell here, but I am going to let the interviews do that when they are posted.

One thing I do want to mention is they have a phenomenal web site! It is visually stunning, easy to listen to all their songs, watch videos and purchase their music. It is a benchmark to me on how simple, but incredibly effective a web site can be. It can be found at: You can also find them on Facebook at:

Let’s get to their first two EP’s as Silent Saga. First up is Ball of Vanities. It is a three song Ep that has it all. One thing I really love is you can listen to all their songs on their web site. They also have the lyrics listed there and a write up about what each song is about. It leaves no doubt to what the songs are trying to say and that they do have a message. On this first EP we have Ball of Vanities, Three Lives and Prisoners of the Sea. Here is a link to the first video for Ball of Vanities: This is the explanation of the song off of Silent Saga’s web site, “Ball of Vanities’ lyrics brings to discussion a sick characteristics of our nature as human beings. In a quest to find happiness and fulfilment we often catch ourselves doing things to impress others and look better, to feed our ego, despite of going after what really matters.”. The video and song are fantastic and make you realize right away how much talent this band has. Sabrina has a great vocal range and really makes these songs special. I am also a huge fan of the song Prisoners of the Sea. I will leave it to the reader to go check out the web site and listen to the music and read through the explanations of the songs and the lyrics. Hey, I got to make the readers go check out their music and the great web site for themselves!

The second EP is Immortal with the songs Immortal, Suicide Note and Time. Here is the link to the video for Immortal: Another great song that deals with and I quote from the web site once again,” Don’t mess with love. You can suppress it, but you can’t control it. Love may come and may go. But while it is there, it takes over. Resistance is futile. But what the heck? It is toxic but joyful, it is heady but thrilling, it is our heaven and hell… Love is what we are.”. The video itself is visually stunning. Also off this album is the powerful song Suicide Note. There have been a lot of high profile suicides in the last couple of years, but they seem to fade off the news very quickly. In our interview we discuss this song in great detail so I am going to let the interview cover that. Here is the link to the lyric video of this song:

The third EP is The Path and the first single off that is out and can be found here: Their description of the song is, “Survival – a basic instinct that is hardcoded in our brains. But do we have what it takes to pull it off? Does it depend on us exclusively or must we rely on others? One way or the other, the most important is to play smart and not to neglect any opportunity that is given.”. The rest of their final EP will be out very soon and then a full album encompassing all three of the EPs.

Every song they have released so far is a great song. Since we do not have the full album yet I will give it a 4.5 out of 5 until I hear the full alum. Once we have the complete package this could be up there with Xandria’s Theater of Dimension as best symphonic metal album of the year.

If you love symphonic metal with incredible female vocals, backed by great guitar work, very good musicians all around, not to mention songs with a message and great lyrics Silent Saga is a band for you. I see them as a band that should rapidly gain popularity and the future should be very bright for them.

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