Skype Interview: Merel Bechtold of Delain on her new album with Purest of Pain

I had the opportunity this week to interview Merel Bechtold of Delain / Mayan about her new album The Solipsis with Purest of Pain. This is a band she founded many years ago. I have had the opportunity to get to know Merel a bit in the last year and for this interview she was charismatic, funny and full of energy.

Purest of Pain currently has an Indiegogo campaign running with all sorts of great items that fans can buy including a lot of unique autographed items. Please support the album and you can see the campaign here.  I want to thank Merel for the time she spent with me on Skype to do the Interview.

Here are some key links before we get to the interview itself:

Purest of Pain Indiegogo Campaign is here.
Purest of Pain web site is here.
Purest of Pain on Facebook is here.

Merel Bechtold’s personal website is here.
Merel’s Facebook Page is here.
Merel’s Instagram Page is here.

First Single from the album:

The Interview itself!

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