Album Review: Noturnall “9”

Noturnall – “9” on Rockshots Records
Release Date: January 19th, 2018

This album is a little different from the music I usually listen to. The vocals from Thiago Bianchi are a little harsh, not growling mind you, but hard-edged. The choruses are very well done and follow what you would hear in more traditional metal. Musically it is very intriguing with blazing guitar solos from Léo Mancini and some all-around great music. The more I listen to this album, the more I really like it. It reminds me of Angra in some ways.

The album starts with the song “Hey“. A great guitar riff opens the song and the drums help set the mood. It picks up energy until the vocals start about a minute in. You get some hard-edged vocals, a great scream and then some more traditional vocals. It is amazing how versatile this band is. As with most songs we find an awesome guitar solo in this song as well. This song does a great job of letting you know what most of this album is going to offer. It is a great start to the album that should get the listener in the mood to hear some great metal!

The fourth song “Moving On” starts out making you think it is a ballad, but far from it. After just a bit it kicks into high gear vocally and has a seriously fast guitar solo in it. It does feel like a power ballad in spots, but overall the song kicks some serious ass. It is definitely one of my favorites on the album.

As we continue through the album we are treated to “Hearts As One“. I have linked the video below and it is worth watching. We have a true metal ballad in this song. I grew up in a time where metal ballads ruled the airwaves and really enjoyed this song. It is amazing this is the same band that has been rocking the hell out of us to this point. We also find a great melodic guitar solo in this song. In case you could not tell I am a huge fan of guitar solos. Over the years some bands have just quit with guitar solos and I find that completely unacceptable. On this album you will find a ton of rock solid guitar work.

The album finishes with “What You Waiting For“, “Shadows” and “Pain“. The first two are very traditional metal songs with more great straightforward metal vocals and great guitar work. Both songs are very good songs. “Pain is another ballad the ends the album on a bit of a mellow note, but it is a strong finish.

I want to add how vocalist Thiago Bianchi describes the album cover.

Vocalist Thiago Bianchi comments:

9” is about of the mysteries of the number Nine. If you take a good look at the album cover, you’ll learn that are 9 secrets on it. The cover shows the Planet 9 (the planet its supposed to be circling our solar system), passing near by earth, changing its climate, bringing an apocalypse to mankind, showing NOTURNALL’s mascot “JURARÁ” as its leader and she would bring the good word of REAL MEANING to the world. Inside the actual CD booklet, you can also find the “Nine Commandments”, which talks about a post apocalypse world, where you’ll find the 9 guides of how to “restart” mankind. A way we could really evolve our race to its maximum potential as it should be.

As you noticed I did not touch on every song on the album. I like to leave some surprises for someone who buys the album and listens to it for the first time. That being said this album does not disappoint! It really has a lot of different metal song variety on it, but all in all the songs work together. This is definitely a strong release for the new year and definitely an album I would recommend. Do not judge the entire album from the video ballad I have linked. There are a lot of song on this album that are in your face metal that you don’t want to miss.

Review Score: 4.5 / 5.0

Track Listing:
1. Hey (5:51)
2. Change (4:14)
3. Wake Up! (5:21)
4. Moving On (4:53)
5. Mysterious (4:43)
6. Hearts As One (4:00)
7. What You Waiting For (4:34)
8. Shadows (4:07)
9. Pain (3:54)
Album Length: 41:37

Band Members
Thiago Bianchi – Vocal
Fernando Quesada – Bass
Léo Mancini – Guitar
Juninho Carelli – Keys
Aquiles Priester – Drums


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