Dealin and Amranthe Co-Headline Special Night in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Night two in Argentina brought us another concert. This time it was Amaranthe and Delain sharing the stage as co-headliners at the Teatro Flores Theater in Buenos Aires. The theater is spectacularly designed in an older Latin American style. It has a GA floor on the bottom level and a nice balcony up top where the sound board was located. As the crowd filed in you could feel the excitement of the fans. Unlike the night before where the crowd was very much a Tarja crowd, the fans tonight were here to see Amaranthe and Delain.

The night started with me interviewing Olof, Johan and Henrik from Amaranthe. Unfortunately the interview took place in a couple of very loud locations and I am still working on making it audible. It is a really great interview where they talk about touring South America, what it is like to be on the road so much, the toll it takes on their families, and that Amaranthe will have a new album in 2018! Very exciting news indeed. Elize was also supposed to be part of the interview, but unfortunately she was still sick and could not make it. If I have to, I will transcribe as much of the interview as I can if I can’t get the audio good enough to listen to.

The night started off with Amaranthe hitting the stage first. Elize after giving it all the night before was really struggling vocally. She asked the crowd to help her with her vocals and they were happy to oblige. Once again I must say Elize was a real pro. She gave it all she had. Sometimes she has to sit down for a bit on the edge of the drum set during parts she was not singing . But when the time came she was back up singing with everything she had. I have so much respect for Amaranthe still putting this show on for the fans even though Elize and a lot of the band and crew were not feeling their best. Total class acts all the way around.

Tonight Amaranthe got to do a 15 song set list. This is much more of what I am used to seeing at an Amaranthe show. A good solid headline set! They started by tearing into “Maximize” from their most recent album Maximalism. Other highlights early in the set included “Digital World“, “1,000,000 Lightyears” and “Amaranthine“. The fantastic ballad “True” was also a real highlight. As the night wore on Elize’s voice continued to weaken, but she kept going. We then got to the song “Endlessly“, which is a ballad off of Maximalism that Elize sings solo. She gave it her best shot, but she needed help and brought a young woman from the crowd on stage to help. What followed was one of those special moments you do not get to see very often. The fan had a really good voice and Elize helped where she could. Nils also came out to assist with the vocals and it turned into a very different, but magical version of the song. I am so happy that I was there to photograph it and listen to it live.

Other members of the band that were also sick soldiered though including Johan with a broken foot. In all honesty the show still sounded pretty good. I really had a lot of respect for the band for making this happen. Henrik’s growling vocals were in fine form and Olof was kicking ass on the guitar. Nils Molin is proving to be a great addition to the band and I can’t wait to hear him on the new album. The first set ended with “Call Out My Name” and “Hunger“. The encore was spectacular! We were treated to “That Song“, “Boomerang“, “Drop Dean Cynical” and “The Nexus“. All four of these songs really left the fans wanting more. I remember when “That Song” can out to a lot of disappointment, but let me tell you live this song really shines! Unfortunately the set was over and it was time for Amaranthe to go, but not before the crowd gave them a very warm send off.

Next up was Delain also equipped with a 16 song set. The set featured seven songs off their most recent release Moonbathers. Delain will also be in the studio soon recording their next album which is very exciting! Delain usually opens with a few songs in a row from Moonbathers which three of the first four songs were, “Hand of Gold“, “Glory and the Scum” and “Suckerpunch“. Tonight they threw in “Go Away” from April Rain which was a real treat to hear. Charlotte sounded fantastic on this night and Timo was tearing it up on the guitar as usual. New drummer Joey de Boer was great on the drums and brought a ton of energy. Merel always a crowd favorite was full of energy and kept the crowd fired up. Otto “The Baron” was having a great time and had a huge smile throughout the set with his trademark hair swinging all over.

As the night continued some of the biggest highlights were “Get The Devil Out Of Me“, “Here Comes The Vultures“, “Fire With Fire” and “Danse Macabre“. In all honesty all the songs they sang were awesome. Delain was really on fire tonight and the crowd was going crazy. The theater was electric. As we got towards the end of the set, Delain played “Don’t Let Go” and “The Gathering” which always gets the crowd jumping in the air. Finally we got to the last song of the night which is Delain’s biggest song “We Are The Others“. The show had ended, but the crowd did not want to leave. They chanted ole, ole, ole over and over and serenaded the band quite loudly. It was incredible how loud they were. The band took it all in, even bring out cell phones to record the crowd. I must say Argentinian crowds have a lot of passion and love for the artists performing. It was a great show all around and I was happy I was there to see it.

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