Audio Interview: Olof, Johan and Henrik from Amaranthe

While I was in Argentina I had the pleasure of interviewing Olof Morck (Guitars), Johan Andreassen (Bass) and Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson (Growling Vocals) from Amaranthe. Elize Ryd was too sick to join us unfortunately. You will hear during the interview we had some issues. We started outside and we have a bit of street noise, but I was able to turn that down quite a bit. The last part of the interview is just off stage where the opening band starts its sound check. There are some good comments, so I left it in the interview, but it can be a little tricky to hear.

The interview itself was great. They are all very friendly and funny guys and just fun to hang out with. We talked about what their first tour of South America was like, the struggles of the North American market, a new Amaranthe album for 2018!, and how life on the road can be tough. I hope you enjoy listening to it.

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