Sabaton, Kreator and Cyhra demolish The Showbox Market with incredible show


Heading to the show Tuesday night I knew we were in for a special treat. We had the triple headed monster of Cyhra, Kreator and Sabaton to entertain us for the evening. The Showbox Market had to be sold out or it was very close, because it was packed! Then there was the crowd. It was a Tuesday night, but this crowd was a Saturday night crowd. They were fired up and ready to rock the theater to the ground. The buzz in the building was quite noticeable.

First up for the evening was Cyhra. This was their second show in the United States supporting their first album release “Letters to Myself“. The album was released to much acclaim in the fall of last year and is a fantastic album, if I do say so myself. They opened with “Dead to Me” which is ironically the last song on their new album. Jake E was in fantastic voice and the show started flawlessly. After he sang the opening part of the song, the rest of the band joined him onstage and off we went. Cyhra sounds like they have been playing together for years and not a new band which they are. Granted everyone in the band is a seasoned vet, but they were so tight it was awesome to watch. It was a six song thirty minute set, but I think we all wished they could have played their entire debut album. Next up was “Letter to Myself” which is a great song with a nice pace to it.

All the songs in the set were great and sounded spot on. Another one of my favorites “Heartrage” was included which has a great chorus and some great guitar work. The set ended with “Karma“, the bands first single which is another catchy song with more great guitar in it. Musically the band was great and I love guitar solos and they were executed flawlessly. Sadly that would be all for Cyhra on this night. I hope they make it back to the Pacific Northwest soon as I can’t wait to see them again.

Kreator would take the stage next. These thrash metal legends have been blasting out shows since 1982! This tour is supporting last years release “Gods of Violence“. I must admit I am not a huge thrash metal guy, but Kreator was as solid as they come. You could tell they were all top-notch musicians. The stage show was impressive as well, with a wall of lights like none I had ever seen at The Showbox Market. It was hell to photograph, but great to watch! Over the years there have been a few Kreator songs I remember and they were awesome to hear live. Some of the highlights for me were “Violent Revolution“, ‘Enemy of God“, “Phantom Antichrist” and “Pleasure to Kill” which ended the set. Frontman Mille Petrozza made sure there was a sufficient mosh pit early on in the set. Kreator just kept coming and coming, with a massive sound, an incredible pace and ear shattering guitars to go with it. It really was a massive sounding machine on stage. I honestly wish I had listened to them more over the years and could go into more detail. It is safe to say the crowd had a great time and I enjoyed hearing them live for the first time. It was an epic performance.

Next up, headliners Sabaton. I saw them a couple of years back opening for Nightwish, but unfortunately missed last years show due to illness. I was not going to miss them headlining this time around. These power metal giants stormed the stage tearing into “Ghost Division“. The crowd was electric. Even front man Joakim Brodén wanted to know how a Tuesday night crowd was so alive! He mentioned he did not miss the stripper pole in the middle of the stage that one of Seattle’s other venues has, and the whole crowd started chanting, “strip, strip”. He had such great energy and very entertaining exchanges with the crowd. He is a very dynamic front man who is always entertaining and you feel the whole band gives 110% every night they play. They smile more than any metal band I have ever seen, which was refreshing.

As the set continued we were treated to three of my favorites “Uprising“, “Swedish Pagans” and “Carolus Rex”, which was another crowd favorite. A couple of songs later we got to hear the Swedish version of “Gott Mit Uns” which was incredible. We were offered a chance to vote on which version we wanted to hear, either English or Swedish. Thankfully the crowd went with Swedish. It was really cool to hear the song in another language and the crowd roared with approval. A few songs later we were treated to “The Last Stand“, another Sabaton classic that left the crowd in a fury. Everything with Sabaton was perfect. The band continued to be spot on. Musically they were firing on all cylinders. The energy they bring as an entire band is very impressive.

As we got close to the end, they finished with “Primo Victoria“, “Shiroyama” and “To Hell And Back” another one of my all time favorites. I believe the crowd would have stayed all night and listened to every song Sabaton ever recorded if they could have. I have seen many hundreds of metal shows in my life, but this was definitely high up on my list of favorites. All the bands were so good and between the energy of the bands and the crowd, it was a magical Tuesday night of metal in Seattle. You do not find that often enough on a weekend, let alone a Tuesday! I would happily go see any of these three bands again and hope they all make it back in the not too distant future. What a night of metal, and I was happy to be there to witness and photograph it.

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Review by: Eric Pefley

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