Dark Funeral & Septic Flesh Deliver Awesome Black Metal Show!

Dark Funeral

On Tuesday night at Studio Seven, we were treated to a double punch of black metal from co-headliners Dark Funeral and Septicflesh. A good crowd turned out on a rainy and cold Tuesday night here in Seattle. Lately, I swear, every Tuesday night has had a big metal show in town. It has been a while since I have been to a black metal show. It is a genre that I have been getting into more and more over time. This night was definitely one I had been looking forward to for quite a while.

Dark Funeral was up first from Stockholm, Sweden. We do not get a lot of Scandinavian black metal through Seattle, so I think that helped to bring in such a good-sized and fired up crowd. Dark Funeral hit the stage with UNCHAIN MY SOUL and the onslaught was on! Right from the start, they sounded great. You could tell all the musicians in the band were complete pros. The music was just relentless, and the vocals even more so. You could feel the guitar riffs ripping through your body. The bass and drum thumping right through your brain. It was interesting to feel the music as much as hearing it.

As the show continued we were treated to some of their best works. The Secrets of the Black Arts was just brutal live. Open the Gates was another song that really stood out. The vocals and guitars were crushing your soul right out of you. By this point, the mosh pit was going strong and the place was pretty much out of control. It was a blast to watch. The last song before the encore was My Funeral. I must admit, after they finished that song, I wondered if there would be an encore. They had really left it all on the stage.

In fact, we had a three-song encore! Nailed to the Cross and Where Shadows Forever Reign were the highlights of the encore. The had managed to play at least one song from all six of their studio album during the twelve-song set. After taking it all in, it was quite amazing what they had pulled off in a small club. They had a giant banner behind them, two smaller ones to the sides of the stage, and the clothing and corpse paint they adorned was quite impressive. They had really gone all out for this gig and it showed. I was left very impressed.

Next up was our second co-headliner Septicflesh all the way from Athens, Greece. It is a rare night in Seattle when you find bands from Sweden and Greece both on the ticket. Septicflesh would also treat us to 12 songs of brutality. They hit the stage with Portrait of a Headless Man from their recent release ‘Codex Omega’. The absolute wall of noise that followed was amazing. The band was also very interactive with the crowd which I found quite refreshing. The crowd was eating it up. The had four fog machines going, so at times it was hard to see them on stage. But then one of them would pop through and tear through a guitar solo and lay waste to the crowd with an awesome growl. Septicflesh is very good live and they have it all. Crunching guitars, incredible vocals, crazy back drops, add in the fog machines and the lighting and it is quite a spectacle to see.

As the set went on, we were treated to more favorites like Martyr, Enemy of Truth and Dante’s Inferno. As with Dark Funeral, the mosh pit was in good form for most of the set and the crowd was electric. I think the band and the crowd feeding off each other’s energy. I was very impressed with the vocals and some of the real heavy guitar riffs were just off the charts. I must admit by this point I was worn out. We still had two of the bands most popular songs in Anubis and Dark Art. When they had finally left the stage, you could see the sweat pouring off the moshers and everyone else had been rocked to hell and back. It was that kind of evening. I used to dread shows like this, but a while back I started to listen to more of this type of music. A show like this one continues my journey to liking more and more of this extreme metal. I felt very privileged to see this show with two amazing bands that perform this music to perfection.

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