Doyle Brings High Energy Show to El Corazon!

I was not sure what to expect on this night going in. There are a few Misfits songs I like but I was not sure what we would get from Doyle who splits his time between Misfits and his solo project. The music this night was a mixture of hardcore punk / horror metal. Not sure that is a genre, but it is now! Tonight, we were treated to a twelve-song set with music from both his solo releases “Abominator” and “As We Die”. Doyle is a huge figure on stage and with his corpse paint it is quite a sight. The fact that Doyle has been performing for 37 years is quite amazing. He started with the Misfits at 16.

The show opened with the title track off his first solo album Abominator. It was a good hardcore song with a catchy chorus and some great guitar work. Alex “Wolfman” Story is as big a part of the show as Doyle himself. He is a great front man that can really carry a show. The power of his voice you could feel throughout the venue. Doyle was all over the stage just tearing it up on guitar. After the first song you knew you were in for a good night of music.

As the seventy-five-minute set continued we were treated to two of Doyle’s biggest hits “DreamingDeadGirls” and “Cemetarysexxx”. Both songs are very catchy, and the crowd was really into them. Alex once again was in fine throat and carried the songs very well. On Base we have Brandon Strate and drums Wade Murff. They do a great job keeping the music at a real good pace which makes the songs feel like they are always moving forward and tearing right through you. Doyle and Alex are great playing to the crowd and both have a ton of energy.

The show wrapped up with “King of the Undead” and “Hope Hell Is Warm”. The energy of the band never dropped. The crowd left spent and well entertained. The whole spectacle feels like it should be in a big arena and not a club. Doyle spent the evening performing like he was in his early 30s and not in his early 50s. It was a very impressive night of music that is definitely worth seeing. If you get the chance to see Doyle, don’t pass it up. It is like going back to the past a little, while still getting a more modern metal / punk hardcore sound.

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