PUREST OF PAIN Guitarist Merel Bechtold Unleashes The Shred via GearGods Playthrough “Vessels”

For fans of At The Gates, Arch Enemy, Children of Bodom, Soilwork, Suicide Silence

PUREST OF PAIN Guitarist Merel Bechtold Unleashes The Shred via GearGods Playthrough “Vessels”

New Album “Solipsis” Out Now!

L-R – Frank van Leeuwen – Bass, J.D. Kaye -­ Vocals, Merel Bechtold – Guitars, Michael van Eck – Guitars, Joey de Boer – Drums

PUREST OF PAIN guitarist Merel Bechtold has teamed up with GearGods for her new guitar playthrough for “Vessels”, one of many tracks on the Dutch melodic death metal band’s recently released debut album “Solipsis”.

Check out the shredding at the following link: http://geargods.net/playthrough/purest-of-pain-brings-the-pain-in-vessels-guitar-playthrough/

Plus watch their music video for “Vessels” at https://youtu.be/z7KlBwjSLBM

 was unleashed on March 1st to follow their 2013 single “Momentum” and 2011 EP “Revelations In Obscurity”. Combining Scandinavian metal influences with groove, ambiance, tone and melody, PUREST OF PAIN is a force to be reckoned with. The band features lead guitarist and main songwriter Merel Bechtold (DELAIN, MaYaN and The Gentle Storm, Anneke van Giersbergen) with bassist Frank van Leeuwen, vocalist J.D. Kaye, guitarist Michael van Eckis along with DELAIN drummer Joey de Boer recently joining their ranks.

“Solipsis” has been seven years in the making for the band, from the writing process up to the final mastering to launching a successful online crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo that raised over 18,000 Euros (thank you video here). In addition, over the years PUREST OF PAIN increased their recording funds through live performances, opening for such bands as Opeth, Textures, Suicide Silence, Unearth and Attack Attack! plus an unforgettable slot at Wacken in 2014.

“Solipsis” is 14 tracks of brutality blended with groove and emotion produced by Merel Bechtold with recording done at Mantis Audio Studio (Delain) and mastering by Jens Jorgen (Opeth, Arch Enemy, Soilwork).

Guitarist Merel Bechtold comments:

“‘Solipsis’ is a guitar oriented record, is has been recorded as organic as possible: partly at home, partly at Mantis Audio Studio. The song ‘E.M.D.R.’ is written by fellow guitarist Michael van Eck. All the other songs were summoned by myself. The lyrics are written by vocalist J.D. Kaye. And even though the music is at times technical and challenging, it’s undeniably driven by relentless groove, enhanced by hugely melodic passages, wonderful tone and moments of ambient clarity.”

“Solipsis” is now available on CD, Vinyl plus digital release on Big Cartel here, iTunesAmazonGoogle PlaySpotifyDeezer.

The CD and Vinyl versions have slightly altered artwork. Merel Bechtold was responsible for its concept and bass player Frank van Leeuwen designed and finalized the covers.


Terra Nil – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BJFzvvYOdM8 

The Solipsist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8L8ZplJBGc 

Guitar Playthrough – The Solipsist – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJrnihMij0s

Track Listing:
1. The Pragmatic (1:19)
2. Truth–seeker (2:09)
3. Vessels (2:59)
4. Crown of Worms (3:42)
5. Momentum (5:05)
6. The Sleep of Reason (1:33)
7. Tidebreaker (4:16)
8. Trial & Error (4:49)
9. Terra Nil (6:05)
10. Noctambulist (3:38)
11. E.M.D.R. (4:21)
12. Phantom Limb (4:09)
13. The Solipsist (3:52)
14. The End (2:25)
Album Length: 50:21

Band Members:
J.D. Kaye -­ Vocals
Merel Bechtold – Guitars
Michael van Eck – Guitars
Frank van Leeuwen – Bass
Joey de Boer – Drums

– 30 –

“There are few surprises here on Solipsis, it’s solid & enjoyable melodic metal that provides memorable enough heavy riffs, nasty throat-scratching vocals & a melodic tone that is ear-pleasing.” – Games, Braaains & A Head-Banging Life

“Apart from the album as a whole, “The Solipsist” is indeed a guitar-oriented song, but one that definitely drives with relentless groove, moving in and out of passages anchored by pneumatic, jackhammering riffs and pummeling drum rhythms. This turbocharged track is further enhanced by bouts of jabbing chords and rumbling drum fills, and by J.D. Kaye’s bestial growls and nerve-abrading shrieks. But the song is also home to catchy hooks and  swirling melody. It’s guaranteed to get your blood rushing.” – No Clean Singing

“Wisely focusing on groove and melody above all, Solipsis captivates the listener with a more unique vibe than one might initially expect. It’s distinctly heavy, but the enticing guitarwork broadens the album’s appeal to a wider net than the usual death metal crowd, and is sure to burrow its way into your ears more with each listen. Purest of Pain has crafted an all-around pleasing debut that oozes an even greater potential moving forward.” – Dead Rhetoric

“The crispness of the drumming with the clear sound of the bass and the technicality of the guitars make for an impressive sound that is topped off by impressive abrasive vocals” – Rock n’ Load Mag

“This is an a 14 track album full of nonstop heavy metal with clean and unclean vocals. The guitar work is absolutely outstanding. This album is a must for any fan of  European metal, in fact it is a must for all metal fans.” – Baby Dolls And Razor Blades

“a great ride and a great album to listen to. I highly recommend picking this album up and giving it a listen. I think you will be pleasantly surprised and find you have purchased one hell of a good album.” Cascadia Fusion Music News

“Deeply impressed by this band.” – Rock Portaal

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