Silent Saga Unleases “Rise!”

Silent Saga – “Rise!”    
Release Date: Out Now, Self-Release

Silent Saga is a fantastic symphonic metal band from Hamburg, Germany. They are not newcomers to symphonic metal. Sabrina Todt (vocals and flute) and Renato Angelo (keyboards, bass and guitar) had been living in Brazil and performing under the name Amazon. They opened for some of the best European acts in Brazil including Epica and Nightwish, plus Brazilian legends Angra. They had to move back to Germany to take care of family and had to put music on hold. Now that they have had time to get back into music, they have added Alex Mancini (guitar) and Daniel Sapcu (drums) to round out their lineup. They also had to change their name from Amazon to Silent Saga due to the conflict with massive online retailer Amazon.

Their first album is titled “Rise!” This 10-song album, gives us 48 minutes of great metal music. The album opens with Ball of Vanities which is one of the best songs. This is the explanation of the song off Silent Saga’s web site, “Ball of Vanities’ lyrics brings to discussion a sick characteristic of our nature as human beings. In a quest to find happiness and fulfilment we often catch ourselves doing things to impress others and look better, to feed our ego, despite of going after what really matters.”. The video and song are fantastic and make you realize right away how much talent this band has. Sabrina has a great vocal range and really makes this song so special.

A very powerful song on this album is Suicide Note. There have been a lot of high profile suicides in the last couple of years, but they seem to fade off the news very quickly. The song starts very haunting, but with perfect vocals. The song has a chorus that is very thought provoking. Silent Saga describes this song as, “Depression and burnout can lead people to a terrible and dark end. It’s dangerous because some people don’t take it serious, as an illness, and usually the closest ones are those who could help.” We are also treated to some great guitar work and some well-done solos in the middle of this song. You will find all Silent Saga’s songs have a message to them and it makes for a well written album. This song always leaves me thinking about all the great people who have left us too soon.

Another great song on the album is Immortal. It starts with a great melodic guitar solo. Then it kicks into high gear with some great drum work. Todt’s vocals kick in playing between her high range and her very good pure metal voice. She has so much range and ability to sing with different feel it is a special treat to listen to through the whole album. Choruses can really make songs and an album stand out. They do a great job on their choruses throughout the album. More fantastic guitar work highlights the middle of this song as well. I just love every part of this song.

Time opens with some serious guitar riffs accented by some serious drums. Todt vocals kick in and this song really shines. This song is perfect for Todt’s vocals. Her voice has a very soft touch in parts of this song that is very well done. This song also carries a message, “Any day, hour or even minute is a precious moment that will never come back. It’s a new chance to write your life in any way you want. It’s a life changing opportunity.” Once again, we are served up some great guitar work and solos in the middle of this song. Todt really kicks it in down the stretch of this song. Another one of my favorites.

As we get close to the end of the album, another song that really stands out to me is New Horizons. Simply the band describes this song, “Nothing stays the same, so why should you?” When Todt sings parts of this song it is like a ballad and then it explodes into pure metal through and through. The pace and feel of this song is a real roller coaster ride. This is another song that you really get to hear all Todt’s different styles and range. I just can’t listen to this song enough.

I have been very fortunate to review three great albums lately. I am not sure I have hit a stretch like this in a while. If you are a fan of symphonic or power metal this is an album you must listen to. I hope this is the beginning of a fast rise for Silent Saga. They have everything going for them. Great song writing, fantastic vocals, great guitar work and a debut album that every song is good to great. The future is bright, and I hope you tale a few minutes to go to their website and take a listen. You will not be disappointed!

SCORE: 4.5 / 5.0

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