Prong – Delivers Great Mix of Songs at Studio Seven

Prong has been around since 1986 when Vocalist / Guitarist Tommy Victor started the band. To date they have twelve studio albums including “Zero Days” released last year. The show at Studio Seven was filled with classic songs from the late 80’s and early 90’s, but did mix in some of the solid newer songs as well. Victor tore it up with his vocal pipes as well with his energetic guitar playing. He shared the stage this night with Art Cruz on drums and Jason Christopher on Bass.

We would be treated to a seventeen-song set this night that lasted around an hour and a half. I must admit the band sounded great and Victor’s vocals are still going strong. Early in the set we were treated to Lost and Found from the album “Beg to Differ”. It has a great part in the middle with the chugging guitars and the drum tearing the beat right through you. It was a song I always liked and was great to hear live.

Another early classic was Unconditional from the album “Prove You Wrong”. The song opens with an industrial sounding guitar riff that has a great groove to it. Some really good bass and drum work makes the musical opening of this song great. Victor’s vocals kick in and the song just continues to power forward. The song is unrelenting, especially on guitar and was another real highlight to hear live. Victor really carries this song on the guitar with great riffs and some nice solo work as well.


As the show continues, another song that stood out was Broken Peace. The song opens with an almost psychedelic feel on the guitar. That sound is also mixed in with that industrial feel guitar riffs that Victor is so good at. This song has a very different vibe to me than a lot of Prong songs, but is still great. I loved this song live, as it really came to life. We have some quick little guitar solos throughout the song that keep it interesting.

As the show was coming to a close, we were hit with some of Prong’s best songs. Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck, Ultimate Authority and Dear Life were some of the best that Prong has in their extensive list of songs.  I like the bass sound in Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck. The guitar work in this song in parts is completely unrelenting. The song is very raw. Ultimate Authority is a newer song and it rocks. It proves that Victor still has that creative ability to create new songs with that industrial touch. There is a crazy guitar solo in this one I really like. The song really jumps out at you when you hear it.  Dear Life has always been a favorite of mine. It has a great feel and pace to it. It is a relative short song that delivers so much in just over three minutes.

Prong is a solid band that is absolutely great live. The music just has a different feel to it in concert. The show just keeps coming at you all night. Victors guitar work is really the highlight for me. He has a ton of energy and it really shows in his playing. It’s those guitar riffs that just cut through you all night that are simply awesome to experience. If you get a chance to see them, I recommend you grab a ticket and head out for a great night of music.

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Review by Eric Pefley

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