Great White & Slaughter Bring Back the 80s at the Snoqualmie Casino

What a night to take a walk down memory lane. Great White with that incredible bluesy metal sound, and Slaughter with Mark Slaughter’s amazing vocals. It promised to be a night to remember. I have seen Great White several times over the years and they never disappoint. I can honestly say the same thing about Slaughter. I saw them in the 80’s and then it was over twenty years before I saw them again, but they are still great live.

The night opened with Slaughter taking the stage first and they still do a high energy show. Zoltan Chaney on drum is a crazy man at the back of the stage. He stood on his drum set while playing, threw his sticks all over the place and was just a beast on the drums. Dana Strum on Bass was also a mad man on stage. For a man pushing 60 you would have never guessed it. Mark still has those great vocals that set Slaughter apart from a lot of other bands. Jeff Blando rounded out the band doing a rock sold job on guitar all night.

The night started with ‘Wild Life’ and ‘Burning Bridges’. A couple of great songs off their first two albums. This definitely got the crowd fired up. After that we got one of Slaughter’s biggest hits ‘Spend My Life’. The crowd singing along to this song and remember the good ole days of late 80’s, early 90’s radio and MTV metal. I am so happy that some of these bands have persisted through the years and still preform. I know the fans appreciate it and the music is still great to hear live.


As the night continued the hits just kept coming. I honestly had forgotten how many great songs Slaughter has. The night ended with a sweet version of ‘Fly to the Angels’ and ‘Up All Night’. The crowd was really into the show by now, and these final two songs were a perfect close to the set. Slaughter is definitely worth catching live if you get the chance. They are fun to watch on stage and still sound great. A good time was had by everyone.

Next up was Great White. They have been one of my favorite band for a long time. I just love that bluesy metal sound they incorporate into their music. It really sets them apart from other bands of that same era. Every time Great White is in town I never miss them. Mark Kendell still plays an unbelievable guitar and Michael Lardie who has been in the band basically since the start still plays everything. Guitar, Keyboards, Harmonica and I sure he could play bass or drums if he had to. You can check out a recent interview I did with Lardie in our Interview section of the website.

The hits started early with one of my favorite songs ‘Lady Red Light’ with that great opening and that smooth bluesy sound. That got the crowd fired up early. Kendall’s great guitar work was featured throughout the song. Another one of my favorite that also features Kendall so well was ‘House of Broken Love’. The song had that some great vibe as it does on the album. The song just screams the blues and is an absolute classic.

On a lighter note, Great White sang ‘Mista Bone’. A completely inappropriate song that is quite amusing and always great live. I was glad it was included in the set. Great White now has Terry Ilous handling vocals. When I have seen him perform I always thought he did and admirable job. I must admit he was awesome on this night. He has really come into his own in Great White and I was very impressed with his performance.

As the show continued we got three of their monster hits. ‘Save Your Love’, ‘Rock Me’ and ‘Once Bitten Twice Shy’. ‘Save Your Love’ was performed acoustically and was very special to see this performed live in this way. ‘Rock Me’ once again has us back to the bluesy metal song and the crowd singing and rocking along. It still sounds great after all this year. Finally, the show finished with ‘Once Bitter Twice Shy’. The song has stood the test of time and is still a party song live. Ilous getting the crowd to sing along and they were happy to oblige.

All in all, it was a great night of metal! Slaughter is still going strong after all these years and Great White bringing that bluesy metal like they always have. Great White still is amazing to see live and has not lost their signature sound at all. Another band I would highly recommend seeing if you get the chance. I hope we get to see more nights of great music like this in the future. It is great to see these bands still going strong after all these years.

All Photos by ERIC PEFLEY:

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