Hello my name is Eric Pefley and I am the owner of Cascadia Fusion Music News. My passion is live music and everyone that contributes to this site feels the same way. It started with me going to many hundreds of concerts as a fan. After a while I decided I wanted to photograph shows. I started with a point and shoot and have now upgraded to professional photography equipment. It just kept going from there. I started doing concert and album reviews along with photography for other music web-zines. Then I was asked to do some interviews with artists as well. Becoming immersed into the music world was fascinating to me. Everyone I met was so friendly and down to earth.

Please feel free to contact me at cascadiafusionmusicnews@gmail.com if you are a record label, promoter, artist or someone who is looking for more coverage of your artists. I would love to help you out and continue to grow this site moving forward.

This journey has now moved to its next step and that is operating my own music web-zine. I have made a lot of friends over the years and a lot of people have helped me get to where I am today with this project. I am excited to see where this adventure leads. I have photographed and reviewed shows all over the world and feel very blessed to have done so. I hope to see some of you out on the road or at a local show sometime in the future. Long live, LIVE music!!

Eric Pefley